Pig Pickin'

The event of the year in our family is my dad's pig pickin’.  About 75 people show up to his backyard to eat my dad's famous NC BBQ, play corn hole, go on hay rides and listen to country music. Even our friends from New York come down for this event.  You might be wondering, what exactly is a pig pickin’? It's a southern tradition where you roast a pig and have a party.  When I was a kid, my granddaddy would roast a whole hog but these days we just smoke about 200 lbs of pork shoulder to make the BBQ. Yum!

We are the official helpers.  Marlon and I arrive a day early and help my dad and Linda get everything ready.  My dad has me make the secret sauces and side dishes, while Marlon helps set-up tents and puts hay in the tractor trailer. The morning of, we are up at 5 am to put the pork on the smoker so they'll be ready by lunchtime. By noon, guests are arriving.  My dad gathers everyone together and thanks them for coming, says the blessing and announces it is time to eat!  It is a great time!