We like to stay in New York City for Thanksgiving and go to Macy’s Thanksgiving parade or to Inflation Eve where they inflate the Thanksgiving Day balloons.  I always cook a turkey with all the trimmings and we spend the day snuggling on the couch eating turkey and watching movies.  Thanksgiving dinner is Marlon's favorite meal and he says my turkey is the best.

This past Thanksgiving we decided to visit our godkids instead of staying home.  I have to say it was probably the best Thanksgiving we have ever had.  My best friend and I cooked a fabulous meal. Marlon taught our godson how to carve a turkey.  We laughed, watched Christmas movies and goofed off.

The girls decided we would go Black Friday shopping.  We put on our best flannel pj bottoms and sweat shirts, combed through the sale ads to see where we wanted to shop and piled in the car at midnight, giggling the whole time.  We hit all the sales and even Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in the middle of the night.  We got home around 4 am with our loot and went to bed.  The guys stayed home and played video games and ate pie all night.  Best Thanksgiving ever!