Our Kitties

We have two adorable sister cats, Edie and Twiggy. They are named after 1960’s super models.

Our cats came from a non-profit organization that shelters animals in volunteers' homes until they find a home of their own.  They brought five kittens to our apartment for us to get to know.


The first two that we cuddled with were our girls.  They were so sweet and took to us immediately, snuggling in our laps and purring.  When it was time to look at the other kittens, they were put back into the carrier.  Twiggy started crying and making all kinds of noise the whole time we played with the other kittens.  After looking at all the kittens, I wanted to see those noisy first two again.  She opened the carrier and Edie bolted into Marlon's lap and Twiggy into mine.

Marlon held his up and said I think my cat's name is Edie.  These kittens knew they were home.