One of our fondest memories with our godchildren is being present at their baptisms. We were so proud to be there and Marlon even chose a passage of scripture to read to commemorate the occasion.

Being a godparent has been as great an opportunity for us as it has been for the children. We are there to guide them and watch them grow up. Most of all we like showing them how to do stuff and praising them when they excel or even when they just try their best and don't necessarily get the results they expected.

One summer we decided to take our godkids along to the family reunion. It was about five hours by car and I'd been driving for a while. The conversation had stopped and we were all getting restless.  Marlon started to see signs for Foamhenge, an exact replica of the original Stonehenge in England, only made of large Styrofoam blocks.

Marlon's dad was always very practical and he learned a lot from him which has served him well. But as a kid, on family trips, I always wished that he would stop at a roadside tourist attraction along the way. “We don't have time”, he'd say. We always got there safe and sound and maybe a little bored.  Boy, were the kids surprised when we turned off the highway and followed the signs down a country lane to a grove on a hilltop to Foamhenge.

We all stood in amazement at the ring of very convincing stones, 20 feet high.  We took lots of pictures and got a good stretch before getting back in the car.

This side-trip made us realize how important fun and spontaneity is to us in our family life.