We love to camp.  We pack up our little tent, supplies and our bikes head to a local campground with some friends for the weekend.  Our camping adventures had a rough start. Our first camping trip together was when we were around 19 or 20.  We decided to go to a campground near Washington, DC. We packed our VW Bug that we called “Nellie” with a borrowed tent and headed out.

The drive was only supposed to be four hours tops, but we got lost and it took us about eight hours to get there. It was almost midnight when we finally found the campground and of course, the office was closed. I hopped the fence and found someone who worked there and they checked us in.  It was pitch black outside as we were setting up our tent, we couldn't see a thing.  We decided to turn on the car headlights so we could see to put up the tent.  We managed to get the tent up, but we didn't realize we were on a hill, so we slept on a slant.

The next morning we were cranky from the night before and decided camping wasn't for us.  We were ready to go home. The Bug was all packed and the car wouldn't start.  The battery was dead from using the headlights.  You just have to laugh at this point.  We got a park ranger to come over and give us a jump and off we went. I really thought we'd never camp again.

Good thing we tried it again. We learned a lot from the first trip and now we are pros!  Marlon has a terrific brauts recipe and I am in charge of the s’mores. There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire with good friends enjoying life.